Election To Be Contested

(Entry posted on Facebook Friday. Posted on Website Monday)


Good afternoon Team!!

I wanted to update you all on the latest campaign news. Today at noon was the filing deadline for candidates.

It initially looked as though I might be fortunate enough to go unopposed.

However, someone changed their party affiliation at the last moment and filed against me, meaning that there will be a General Election contest for Sheriff in November.

I’ve already been inundated with calls, text messages and emails from supporters, asking my thoughts.

To be honest, this has done nothing but motivate and excite me to get into full campaign mode.

I really enjoy campaigning, because it gives me even more of an opportunity to get out and talk to Cherokee County residents.

And, I truly appreciate the democratic process. It’s important for citizens to have choices in who leads their government agencies. Many, many brave soldiers have fought hard and died to preserve this right and it’s one of the things that make this country great.

You may remember from the last election that I’m not a negative campaigner, and I don’t intend to start now. It’s simply not necessary. Because of your tremendous support, over the past three years we have built a law enforcement agency that is respected and the public trusts. In addition, we have operated our office under budget each year I’ve been in office – something that hasn’t been done for around 15 years! And there’s so much more, like our aggressive offender registration program (paid for by offender fees, not your tax-dollars), and secured approximately half a million dollars in grant funding for technological upgrades and security systems for our county schools, just to name a few.

And I feel comfortable, because I know you. I know that I have the most enthusiastic, generous, and passionate supporters because you want to make sure your neighborhoods are safe!

You have always been a source of inspiration to me and YOU are this campaigns secret weapon. But it won’t be a secret for long!!

And, because you know that campaigns are expensive you’ve always been generous. Shirts, pamphlets, advertisement costs all add up. And it’s so easy to make a donation this year! You can go to our website, www.grovesforsheriff.com and make a secure donation through PayPal, or go to the FundRazr button on our Facebook page or even mail a check to 309 California Avenue, Columbus, Kansas 66725. You may be surprised but even $10.00 or $20.00 can add up fast and go a long way.

It’s time to get excited! It’s time to talk to your friends or neighbors! It’s time to get those yard signs posted! It’s time to make the statement that we are all going to come together for a common cause – the safety and well-being of our homes and families!

We will campaign hard and we will be successful in November!!

I am honored to serve as your Sheriff and have total confidence in you and this campaign!!

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