After serving the citizens of Cherokee County for nearly 10 years, David Groves was first elected Sheriff in 2008, and is currently serving his second term. Since taking his Oath, Sheriff Groves has established a law enforcement agency that residents have come to trust and be proud of.

A Sheriff You Know
Sheriff Groves visited with many residents impacted during the 2014 Baxter Springs Tornado.

“Sheriff Groves worked with many families who were impacted by the 2014 Baxter Springs Tornado.”

Sheriff Groves has committed himself to not only being a hard working Sheriff, but also being available to the public and working diligently to meet their needs and assist them in what may be difficult times in their lives. Sheriff Groves has proven to be passionate about law enforcement’s role in the lives of crime victims, noting that they play a vital role in the overall criminal justice system, and recognizing law enforcement must consistently perform at a high standard of professionalism to ensure victims get justice.


A Sheriff You Trust

Sheriff David Groves’ entire professional career has been spent serving the citizens and communities of Cherokee County. As a lifelong resident, he understands how crime and tragedy can affect families, neighbors, and entire communities. A graduate of the University of Kansas’ Law Enforcement Training Center, Sheriff Groves has also obtained an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Labette Community College and a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Central Christian College of Kansas.  Sheriff Groves has also received advanced training from the National Sheriff’s Institute, Federal Bureau of Investigation Central States Law Enforcement Executive Development and the International Association of Chiefs of Police, just to name a few. In addition, because of his commitment to service Sheriff Groves has taken the opportunity to serve on various boards and organizations, including:

  • Southeast Kansas Drug Enforcement Task Force (Chairman 2013)
  • Labette Community College Criminal Justice Advisory Board
  • Tri-State Major Case Squad (Chairman 2012 – 2013, currently serving as Vice-Chair)
  • 11th Judicial District Community Corrections Advisory Board
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • Cherokee County Ambulance Association Board of Directors
  • Kansas Sheriff’s Association Board of Directors
  • U.S. Homeland Security Regional Council
  • Columbus Lions Club
  • Children’s Advocacy Center Board of Directors

Sheriff Groves enjoys working and visiting with local students.

Sheriff Groves meeting talking with local students about law enforcement and the court system!

Sheriff Groves meeting talking with local students about law enforcement and the court system!


Sheriff Groves speaking in the "Old Supreme Court Chambers" in the Kansas Statehouse.

Sheriff Groves speaking in the “Old Supreme Court Chambers” in the Kansas Statehouse.


A Sheriff You Can Rely On

Since taking office in 2009, Sheriff Groves has worked to create an agency which is committed to progress, transparency, being fiscally minded and responsive to our citizens.  Following a local tragedy, Sheriff Groves worked with a victim’s family, investigators, the Kansas Attorney General’s Office and legislators to pass a law holding drug dealers accountable when someone overdoses on the drugs they sold.  Sheriff Groves also worked with area leaders to make it more difficult to obtain key ingredients used to manufacture methamphetamine.  As a result of those efforts, meth labs in Cherokee County have decreased by over 77% since 2011.


“Sheriff Groves was honored to receive the 2013 Kansas Sheriff of the Year Award from the Kansas Sheriff’s Association Executive Director, Retired Sheriff Sandy Horton.”

In 2013, Sheriff Groves was honored to be selected by his fellow Kansas Sheriff’s as the Kansas Sheriff of the Year!  The following year, Sheriff Groves was recognized by state and federal agencies when they presented him with the Kansas People Saving People Award.  Sheriff Groves takes pride in serving alongside committed public servants each day at the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.  Under his leadership, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous awards including AAA Gold Awards (2011 and 2012), AAA Platinum Award (2013, 2014 and 2015), among many other recognition’s.  With all of these accomplishments, Sheriff Groves has built a strong foundation which he will use to continue moving the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office forward and enhancing the level of service provided to the citizens of Cherokee County.